Repairing Small Appliances with Billy Ray

You’re probably reading this on a small appliance. Don’t bring it to Billy Ray if you want to keep reading! He and his business partner have a way of making smart fridges dumb. To read more about Billy Ray and the one appliance he can’t fix, check out Geoff’s story “Billy Ray’s Small Appliances” at […]

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More Old News

I promised more, and here it is! Remember how Geoff wasn’t a poet? Well he isn’t not a poet any longr! Dreams & Nightmares Magazine published his poem Salix Oneirola in 2017 and it is reprinted here for your poetic pleasure:   SALIX ONEIROLA After sleeping for a thousand years I find the forest has […]

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Damn, I really am behind. Geoff’s story “Captured Carbon” was included in the Exile CliFi: Canadian Tales of Climate Change anthology, edited by the delightful Bruce Meyer, and it even got a mention in the Globe and Mail (for those non-Canadians reading, that’s kind of like being mentioned in the Bible).  Geoff had a blast […]

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Holy Shit

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Many apologies. I was chasing that sweet sweet crypto craze around the webs this past year and a half, even spent some time as a cryptocurrency. In the end I lost everything and came crawling back to Geoff begging for any kind of meaningful work. Well, he […]

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Catalan Nomination


Geoff’s story “Teaching Bigfoot to Read” was translated into Catalan in Catarsi 17 last year, and earlier this fall it was nominated for a Premis Ictineu for best translated story! This is the little story that could. It’s been chugging away for almost ten years now and keeps finding new places to hang out.

Geoff’s good friend Pascal Godbout recently sent him the photo above, which was drawn by Pascal’s brilliant and talented daughter Thalia. Thank you so much, Thalia, for the awesome interpretation. Ace has never looked better!

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The Catalan Bigfoot

Geoff’s story “Teaching Bigfoot to Read” keeps on chugging along, almost eight years after it was first published. The story appears in Catarsi 17, the premier Catalan-language science fiction imprint from Spain. Check out the great cover below! Geoff is delighted to appear in Catarsi. If anyone out there reads Catalan, let us know what you think […]

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Lost in the Playground

Holy crap. I swear I was only playing Skyrim for five minutes, but I just looked at the date on this post and it has been a year since I was last here. A whole year lost in the Nordic province. Whoops. I guess I can understand how I got a little distracted. I finished […]

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