Only You can Nominate Geoff’s Stories for the Aurora Awards

Tired of waiting for that pesky federal election that never seems to arrive? Are you eager to vote for something, but unable to pick between the candidates for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards? Why not nominate one of Geoff’s stories for the Prix Aurora Awards!

The Auroras are awarded to Canadian writers of Speculative Fiction; basically, they are the Canadian equivalent of the Hugos. Stories and novels are nominated by readers, and the stories that receive the hightest number of nominations are put on a short list, which are then voted on by readers in a separate ballot. The Auroras are awarded at CanVention every year which, in 2010, will be held in beautiful Winnipeg.

Three of Geoff’s stories are eligible for nomination in the Short Fiction category this year:

Teaching Bigfoot to ReadClarkesworld #28, January, 2009

Lo’ihi RisingOrson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show #15, November, 2009
The Most Successful Man in the WorldStrange, Weird and Wonderful, Summer, 2009

If you think any of those stories are worthy of an Aurora, you can nominate them here.

For a listing of other great Canadian SF, check out the Canada SF Works database for great English and French stories and novels for your consideration.

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