Porkers in Print

Many moons ago I mentioned that Geoff sold his storyAbattoir Blues” to Apex. Thanks for the tireless efforts of Gill Ainsworth,  The Blackness Within anthology, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Celtic pig-god Moccus, is now available in print (and soon in e-book) for your enjoyment.

Geoff’s story “Abattoir Blues” closes the anthology. Hundreds of years after Moccus’ fall,  a twisted, vicious faith rose to dominance based on his teachings. Toby Anderson, a biologist who works for the faith, struggles to expose a dark secret at the Church’s core.

Buy your copies direct from Apex here, or you can head over to Amazon. Let us know what you think of the anthology!

In FJB update news, well, no real update: Geoff wrote about 650 words in the last two days. He’s flying to the Big Smoke tonight; five hours on a plane should offer plenty of time to catch up his words.

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