FJB XII: Canada Arrivederci, Italia Buongiorno!

Geoff and his lovely wife have officially invaded what they call the Eternal City. A funny name, I’ll admit, for a city that is only 2500 years old at your time in history. Damascus might have a better claim, what with its 11,000 years of history, but who’s counting, eh? Check out some of Space Invader’s work that Geoff and his wife spotted in Rome:

Before he left Canada, Geoff mailed out the manuscript of Eversong to the good folks at The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Here’s hoping they like it.

In between searching for a permanent home in the city and navigating the Roman bureaucracy, Geoff managed to get some writing in. If he’d kept to the originally pojected length of FJB, Geoff would be done the first draft by now as he officially passed the 110k word mark, but logorrhea is a vicious disease. Here’s your update:

Total Words to Date: 111,648

Percent complete: 79.7%

Average words per day (this period): 702

Average words per day (total): 739

Quote of the week:

“As it was a special occaion, they squeezed a little turd of chocolately substance out of a caulking gun onto your aluminum plate and called it dessert.”

Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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