Appearing Soon in the new New Worlds

In case you haven’t heard, New Worlds magazine is about to pull a phoenix. After suffering an agonizing death in the early 90s, the famous British magazine, who regularly published writers such as J.G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, Christopher Priest, Michael Moorcock, and Arthur C. Clarke, to name a few, is about to be reborn.

Geoff’s story “Cradle and Ume” will appear in the first new issue. As you can imagine, he is absolutely thrilled to be included in a magazine with this pedigree. Arthur C. Clarke’s novel The City and the Stars was one of the first science fiction novels to really blow Geoff’s mind and in a way “Cradle and Ume” is indebted to it. He refused to tell me what the story is specifically about, even after I threatened to go on strike again; all he would tell me is that it is a science fiction story about someone named Cradle and someone named Ume (use the Hawaiian/Italian pronunciation to get it right). Thanks Geoff.

Check back here to find out when the story goes live.

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