FJB Draft 2 Update

He hasn’t posted much on the topic in the last month, but Geoff has been plugging away at the second draft of Frozen Jellyfish Blues. Things are moving along quite well. If his current progress continues, he should be done by mid October, just in time for Scotchtoberfest.


Percent Complete: 65%

Words to date: 142,497

Average Words per Day: 1,968

Quote of the month:

“Vic.e.4 watched a movie while he sat in his private virtual office on Tycho’s central peak. The movie was yet another in the long series of films based on the works of Philip K. Dick. This one, mining deep into the PDK catalog, was a pretty decent rendition of The Penultimate Truth; it seemed an appropriate choice considering the situation in Black Angel. Studios still wouldn’t touch the books of writers like Wilson or Banks or Stephenson or Gibson. Science fiction literature – Vic.e.4’s favourite – was still a good fifty years ahead of the film industry. Penultimate Truth the movie was entertaining, though: the big reveal was pulled off well. Time wasted, perhaps, but Vic.e.4 thought it was important for at least one version of himself to relax while the others went about their rather more important tasks.” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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