Draft 2: She’s Done, With Graph!

Yep, you read the joke certificate right: Geoff finished drafting Frozen Jellyfish Blues 2.0 last week. This week, Geoff will start reading the monster. Initial impression are good: for instance, Geoff doesn’t have that sinking feeling, realizing he’ll have to rewrite the entire draft, as he did with the previous version of the book. After a couple months of editing, Geoff should have something ready to go out to his beta-readers. So far, so good.

Everyone loves stats!

Total length: 190,419 words – about 730 pages

Average words per day (final week): 3,102

Average words per day (total): 2,035

Geoff started the draft on July 13th and finished it on October 14th. In that time, he took seven days off, usually while traveling. Compared to the previous draft, which Geoff started on September 1st, 2010, and finished on March 3rd, 2011, Geoff effectively cut his writing time in half. Of course, it helped that Geoff was semi-employed for much of that time.

For those of you who like graphs (99.993% of the human population I’d assume), here is a chart that shows Geoff’s total words per day over the entire length of the project. As you can see, he steadily increased his output each day, thanks in no small part to the increased dosage of Italian coffee he consumed, and the fact that he couldn’t wait to finish his book.

More updates to come as Geoff works on editing this draft.

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