“Cedar” is in Print

Looking for something to do with those pesky cedar shingles that just sit around on your roof and do nothing? Pick up On Spec Magazine, Canada’s oldest and greatest speculative fiction magazine, where Geoff’s story “On the Many Uses of Cedar” appears this issue.

“On the Many Uses of Cedar” is about logging in North Vancouver in the late 1800s. It riffs on Groundhog Day, log flume rides, and the importance of trusty mules.

On Spec is available from most good magazine stores across Canada, like Does You Mother Know? in Vancouver, and in big stores like Chapters. Get your copy today!

Several of Geoff’s good friends heard the initial draft of the story while camping around Garibaldi Lake a couple years ago. Maybe he should bring the finished product up there and do another reading; it’s a pretty nice venue!


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