ebooks 4 sale: Herring Bones and Moon Rock

After a much anticipated wait, Volume 2 of the GWC Chapbook series is here! This volumes collects three very short stories, “Herring Bones and Moon Rock“, “Window“, and “McCray’s Landing”. “Herring Bones” originally appeared in the Narwhal, “Window” appeared in the Ubyssey, and “McCray’s Landing” is a little unpublished piece that Geoff wanted to share. For the low-low price of $0.99, the deluxe version of the chapbook can be yours. And for the even lower price of nothing, you can pick up the bare-bones pdf and epub versions.

The cover art, Anne Louise Tyler Bull’s Crossing, perfectly fits this collection, which looks at the lives of three lonely men: one on the moon, another on his deathbed, and a third who stands where the ocean meets the night sky and faces the very real result of his failures.

Volume 2: Herring Bones and Moon Rock

  • Deluxe chapbook includes “Herring Bones and Moon Rock”, “Window”, and the previously unpublished “McCray’s Landing”.
  • Smashwords Edition (formats: html, java, pdb, epub, mobi, lrf, pdf, rtf, plain text)
  • Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon EU, Amazon FR (formats: mobi)
  • Free, basic content version: epub and pdf.

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