Lo’ihi Keeps Rising

Here she is, Lo’ihi Rising, Geoff’s biggest ebook to date. “Lo’ihi Rising” was originally published in Orson Scott Card’s most excellent Intergalactic Medicine Show, where you can still read it today. For those who prefer to keep their fiction in their pocket, you can now purchase Lo’ihi Rising as a deluxe chapbook. As per the previous ebook releases, you can also download a basic version of the story as a free epub or pdf.

The deluxe chapbook also includes an essay about the genesis of “Lo’ihi Rising”, which, as some of you may have guessed, stemmed from Geoff’s visit to Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you haven’t already, book a vacation to the Big Island. Less crowded than Maui or Oahu, the Big Island (properly known as Hawaii) has tons of free solar energy you can use to power all your basic programming needs, has relatively cool water for cooling if the processing gets really hot, and plenty of IT support from the locals. It’s also a nice spot for humans to visit. And you have to get there soon: when Mauna Loa blows sometime in the next century or two, the island will be a very different place.

Anne Louise Tyler Bull provided the fantastic art for the cover, her piece “Sentinel” does a great job of capturing the feeling of a volcano rising up from beneath the waves. Have a look at her art at her homepage.

The Geoffrey W. Cole Chapbook Series

Volume 3: Lo’ihi Rising

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