GWC, VCon and the End Times

All signs point to the End of Days: storms, trumpets, scrolls, four dudes on horses, that weird Mayan calendar flapping in the breeze, dogs and cats getting gay married. It’s the end of the world, and everyone’s invited. Get your stormtrooper armour polished and your Magic cards sleeved, VCon is only one week away. Staring next Friday, Vancouver’s oldest fandom event will kick off in Surrey. Geoff is participating as a panelist again this year. Catch up with him at any of the panels he’s on, hunt him down in the hallways, parties, or dealer rooms, or come by his reading on Saturday afternoon; he’d love to say hello.

Some of the excellent costumes on display at VCon 36

The weekend is bound to be so densely packed with fun that it may birth a black hole that will slowly rip the Earth asunder. Connie Willis, author of such wonderful books as Blackout/All Clear, Doomsday Book, and To Say Nothing of the Dog, is the Author Guest of Honour, and Gregory Benford, also a very accomplished author, is the Science Guest of Honour. Combine that will all the usual con greatness – art dealer, games rooms, drive-bys (we are in Surrey, after all, the perfect setting for a post-apocalypse-themed convention) – and it should be a smashing success.

To top it all off, Caustic Soda, the masters of discovering the lighter side of any apocalypse, will be recording a live show on Saturday afternoon. Don’t miss it!

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