Rebirth of New Worlds

In the 1960s, Michael Moorcock ushered in the New Wave of science fiction in the pages of New Worlds magazine, featuring authors such as J.G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, and Christopher Priest. By 1970, the Golden Age of New Worlds had ended, but the magazine continued on for several decades. There hasn’t been a new issue of New Worlds since 1996, until today.

Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds is back, this time as a webzine. Geoff’s story “Cradle and Ume” appears in the first issue. For three pounds ($4.70 or so), you get access to the magazine, which includes four new short stories, an essay by the always fantastic Iain M. Banks, an interview with Alan Moore, and gobfuls of other goodies. The Golden Age is gone, let the Molybdenum Age begin!

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