Chabon Interview and Wiffling

Back in September, the incomparable Michael Chabon stopped by Vancouver for a reading and Q&A session with Hal Wake. Before the reading, Michael was kind enough to sit down with Geoff for an interview. That interview is now live at PRISM International. They talked about Michael’s new novel, Telegraph Avenue, as well as Star Trek fans, the importance of double albums when choosing your desert island discs, and Quentin Tarantino. Definitely a must read.

While we’re on the topic of things that must be read, Geoff’s story “Where the Wiffle Ball Went” appears in the long-awaited final issue of Dark Recesses. The story combines two of Geoff’s greatest childhood fears: being stuck in a sewer (which happened to him) and aliens attacking his home town (which also happened, nightly, in the form of night terrors). Plus, there’s a doggy with floppy cuddly ears. It’s free, so get your copy today!

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