Cory Doctorow Interview up at PRISM

Back in October, Geoff had the opportunity to sit down with Cory Doctorow to talk about his new books Rapture of the Nerds and Pirate Cinema. The location Geoff chose could have been better – a screaming child sat at the next table – but Cory had the good graces to ignore the infant’s demands for emancipation from the tyranny of her parents. The interview has been released in three parts, which can be found here: uno, due, tre.

Good news rocket second stage ignition: last summer, the editor at Strange, Weird, and Wonderful invited Geoff to contribute a story to The Inanimates I anthology. Geoff produced “Miranda, In Pieces”, a story about a sentient hoard and his quest to safeguard his home. The anthology is coming out February 1st, so look for your copy then.

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