Eversong Book Launch!

On Thursday, February 7th, Geoff will launch his novella Eversong at the Tangent Cafe in Vancouver. Everyone is invited, so come on out and enjoy good stories, good beer, and great food. Books will be available for sale. Here is the evite link.

For those of you not located in Vancouver, ebook versions of Eversong are available at Smashwords,  Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Amazon for the low-low price of $2.99! Pick up yours today. If you love paper books but don’t live in Vancouver or can’t make it to the launch, get in touch with Geoff and he can mail you a copy of the novella for just $10 plus shipping.

In the science fiction novella Eversong, two men struggle against the forces of greed. Henry Todd faces his Captain’s obsession on the cold waters of the North Pacific, while Father Barosso struggles against slavery and oppression on a mountain-top mine in ancient Peru. Beneath the dark water flows the eversong that will connect their struggles.

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