The Best Place on Earth by Ayelet Tsabari

While at the Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University, Geoff studied with the very talented Ayelet Tsabari. At the time she was studying creative non-fiction, and publishing excellent pieces about growing up in Israel, serving in the army there, and then moving to Canada. Always a versatile writer, she also wrote excellent fiction. All her hard work over the years has paid off:  Harper Collins just published her book The Best Place on Earth, a collection of short stories.

So far, I’ve only had a chance to read the opening story, “Tikkun”, in which a pair of former lovers have a chance meeting at a Jerusalem cafe that changes both their lives. The story was wonderful. Jerusalem bustled with tourists and residents, all crammed into its narrow, ancient streets. Lior and Natalie, the main characters, relived their old relationship while struggling with their lives since the split, all working toward a climax I didn’t see coming. Ayelet’s writing throughout was clear, her nose for detail exquisite. Based on this powerful opening piece, the rest of the stories should be a real pleasure to read. The press on this book is fantastic.

Head on out to your favourite bookstore and pick up a copy today.

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