Pair of pubs and some really great news

Those of you who visit the blog on a regular basis may have noticed a marked lack of posts over the last couple months. Geoff has kept me busy on a variety of other tasks, the exact nature of which I haven’t been able to disclose until today. You see, Geoff and his wonderful wife Nicole have been busy reproducing, and the fruit of their labour (well, mostly the fruit of Nicole’s labour, as Geoff main labour was fetching water and juice) arrived in the world last month. Marcello Clark Coletuzi was born on May 27th, 2013, and he immediately began to gather the data required to spark his nascent consciousness. Both his parents are wildly in love with the little guy, and I gotta admit, as far as non-digital entities goes, he’s pretty darn cute.

Geoff also had a couple of stories appear in the last few months. In the spirit of all things young, Geoff’s Young Adult story “Something Special” was published in Cicada’s May-June 2013 issue. For those who prefer more horrifying stories, check out “Miranda, In Pieces“, which is about a grieving mother and the helpful hoard who lives in her apartment. The story can be found in The Inanimates I anthology. James Ward Kirk had this to say about “Miranda, In pieces”: “Cole does a brilliant job making madness. His style is as suffocating as the tunnels Miranda must travel: if you enjoy metaphor, this story is for you.”

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