Lone White Seagull Spotted in Kaleidotrope

For those of you looking for a little more poetry in your lives, do we have the solution for you. Geoff’s short story, “Lone White Seagull“, is a poetry-littered piece of prose appearing right now in Kaleidotrope magazine. The story is a love-triangle between an aspiring poet, his long-suffering girlfriend, and the co-pilot of the airplane they’re all flying in. Things really get interesting when the plane gets lost and no one can find the ground. Lois Tilton at Locus Online enjoyed the story and gave it a recommended review. Have a read this weekend!

In other good news, Drabblecast will be producing an audio version of Geoff’s story “Teaching Bigfoot to Read“. I was really hoping they’d get an eight-year-old Martin Sheen to do the voice work, but I keep forgetting celebrity cloning is still a couple decades away.

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