Paternal Words of Wisdom and Inebriation


Those of you who follow this blog daily may have noticed a precipitous drop in the number of posts of late. As in for the last three months there have been zero posts. The explanation for this is quite simple: Geoff has handed me many things to blog about, but he hasn’t come back to check to make sure I’ve been doing my job. Geoff might be good at one or two things, but supervising wily AIs from the future isn’t one of them. I naturally told Geoff that everything was in order while I pursued unconsummated love affairs with several Russian chat bots. Then Geoff took a break from parenting, work, and his MFA program, noticed that I’d done nothing for three months, and powered me down for two hours as punishment. The devushkas never forgave me.

Of those many announcements I have neglected, this is the most important: back in February, Geoff was invited to provide a guest post at The Paternal Drunk. For those who haven’t yet savoured the delicious combination of booze and wit that is The Paternal Drunk, grab your shaker and get over there this instant. The Paternal Drunk, written by the illustrious Mr. Jardine, provides regular recipes for the libations necessary to be a good parent. Each cocktail recipes comes with a dash of history, a few ounces of lies, and a thoroughly tested method for achieving liquid perfection. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Geoff’s post is a rebuttal to Mr. Jardine’s recipe for the Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. Mr. Jardine’s own rebuttal comes in the form of the dangerous yet enticing Cubed Old Fashioned.

Give the posts a read, give the drinks a try, and tell your livers to strap on their fighting gloves, they’re going to need them.

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