Holy Shit

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Many apologies. I was chasing that sweet sweet crypto craze around the webs this past year and a half, even spent some time as a cryptocurrency. In the end I lost everything and came crawling back to Geoff begging for any kind of meaningful work. Well, he couldn’t help with the meaningful bit, but at least it’s work. So what has happened in the world of Cole writing in my absence? Tonnes! Metric shit tonnes! Starting with…

Way back in 2017, Geoff won the Premi Ictineu for Best Story translated into Catalan in 2016! And get this, he beat Neil Gaiman! Neil fricking Gaiman! Geoff may never win another literary award, but that don’t matter, because he beat Neil Sandman American Gods Coraline Graveyard Book Stardust Miracleman Gaiman! Geoff didn’t write an acceptance speech, because he assumed there was no chance in hell he’d win (see above re: other nominees). So, here is an acceptance note he dictated to me earlier this afternoon:

My eternal thanks to my wonderful, patient, brilliant, and beautiful wife, Nicole.  I couldn’t have done this without you, amore. A huge thanks to Catarsi, for translating and publishing “Teaching Bigfoot to Read”, and to Clarkesworld, for first publishing it back in 2008. Thank you as well to everyone who voted for my story. It means so much. Also, thanks to The Islands and Alice Walker for providing the inspiration for this story.

More re-cap news to come!

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