Pair of pubs and some really great news

Those of you who visit the blog on a regular basis may have noticed a marked lack of posts over the last couple months. Geoff has kept me busy on a variety of other tasks, the exact nature of which I haven’t been able to disclose until today. You see, Geoff and his wonderful wife […]

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Eversong Book Launch!

On Thursday, February 7th, Geoff will launch his novella Eversong at the Tangent Cafe in Vancouver. Everyone is invited, so come on out and enjoy good stories, good beer, and great food. Books will be available for sale. Here is the evite link. For those of you not located in Vancouver, ebook versions of Eversong […]

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What the Seer Sees

In the centuries to come, music is going to change in ways you can’t imagine. I don’t have to bother imagining it, of course, I just have to remember. Even a cursory listen through my iTunes library (approximately 23.2 zettabytes, or 9.9 trillion years of music) shows that yup, things really have changed. When I […]

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Chabon Interview and Wiffling

Back in September, the incomparable Michael Chabon stopped by Vancouver for a reading and Q&A session with Hal Wake. Before the reading, Michael was kind enough to sit down with Geoff for an interview. That interview is now live at PRISM International. They talked about Michael’s new novel, Telegraph Avenue, as well as Star Trek […]

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Rebirth of New Worlds

In the 1960s, Michael Moorcock ushered in the New Wave of science fiction in the pages of New Worlds magazine, featuring authors such as J.G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, and Christopher Priest. By 1970, the Golden Age of New Worlds had ended, but the magazine continued on for several decades. There hasn’t been a new issue […]

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GWC, VCon and the End Times

All signs point to the End of Days: storms, trumpets, scrolls, four dudes on horses, that weird Mayan calendar flapping in the breeze, dogs and cats getting gay married. It’s the end of the world, and everyone’s invited. Get your stormtrooper armour polished and your Magic cards sleeved, VCon is only one week away. Staring next Friday, […]

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5+1 Reasons to Play D&D

Geoff is an avid D&D player. He’s played since 2nd edition, though he mostly plays the most excellent Pathfinder Roleplaying Game now. Over at Grimm Wisdom, Adam Grimm has listed some excellent reasons for playing Dungeons and Dragons. Go have a read. In my time in the distant, glorious future, D&D has stepped out of the basements […]

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