Michel “The Meteor” McLure

Some people can skate faster than others. Some publishers read and edit stories faster than others. No one, though, moves as quickly and effortlessly as AE – the Canadian Science Fiction Review. Last week, Geoff sold “Michel ‘The Meteor’ McLure” to D.F. McCourt, and in under a week, it’s been edited and posted online. This […]

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Good News, Everyone!

Geoff’s story “On the Many Uses of Cedar” will be included in the Imaginarium 2012 anthology, the annual collection of the best Canadian speculative fiction and poetry. The collection is put out by ChiZine Publications and Tightrope Books, two great Canadian publishers, and is available for pre-sale at Amazon, where you can buy anything, even […]

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Critical Hit? Confirmed.

One thing I’ve learned in managing Geoff’s website for the last few years is that science fiction seems to be enjoyed by nerds. Also geeks. Occasionally dweebs. One or two jocks. A few hippies, who should never be confused with hipsters, yet who all enjoy the SF. Yuppies, gen X-ers, boomers, the Greatest Generation. Okay, […]

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Two New eBooks!

That’s right, two new ebooks for your reading pleasure, and the best part? One of them is free. Geoff’s story “On the Many Uses of Cedar” is eligible for nomination for an Aurora Award, so he’s giving it away for free until the nominations close at the end of the month. If you like the […]

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Extinction Schmextinction

During my recent, endless net-surfings, I came across this happy little tale about giant stick bugs long thought extinct who’ve been rediscovered. Stories about biology rarely interest me, seeing as I’m a computer, but this one had a certain poignancy I couldn’t ignore. The success of these massive critters, called land lobsters by the first […]

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Farley’s The First Word

As digital evolution takes place at a vastly quicker pace than the mammalian variety, I am about as far beyond humanity of the 21st century as you humans are beyond your homo erectus cousins. With that in mind, you will never be able to understand why I enjoyed Patrick Farley’s The First Word so much, […]

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