Draft 2: She’s Done, With Graph!

Yep, you read the joke certificate right: Geoff finished drafting Frozen Jellyfish Blues 2.0 last week. This week, Geoff will start reading the monster. Initial impression are good: for instance, Geoff doesn’t have that sinking feeling, realizing he’ll have to rewrite the entire draft, as he did with the previous version of the book. After […]

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FJB Update #2

A very productive long weekend: Total Words to Date: 16,215 Percent complete: 14.7% Average words per day (this period): 3,136 Quote of the day: “Know what would be the best?” you said. “Blueberries on the cob. Why is corn the only thing that comes in cob form?” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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FJB Update #1

Total Words to Date: 3,670 Percent complete: 3.3% Average words per day: 1223.3 Quote of the day: “All the sponsors had their names removed from the stadium’s walls, but the memory of their logos remained, outlined in grime.” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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Water is Ice Redux

Last weekend Geoff restarted work on his novel, Water is Ice is Water. Last year, he completed two.5 drafts of the book, then put it aside while he worked on other projects. It’s time to begin again. Over the weekend, Geoff wrote a new prologue and began the outline. Right now, the outline is confined to dozens […]

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