The Catalan Bigfoot

Geoff’s story “Teaching Bigfoot to Read” keeps on chugging along, almost eight years after it was first published. The story appears in Catarsi 17, the premier Catalan-language science fiction imprint from Spain. Check out the great cover below! Geoff is delighted to appear in Catarsi. If anyone out there reads Catalan, let us know what you think […]

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Eversong Book Launch!

On Thursday, February 7th, Geoff will launch his novella Eversong at the Tangent Cafe in Vancouver. Everyone is invited, so come on out and enjoy good stories, good beer, and great food. Books will be available for sale. Here is the evite link. For those of you not located in Vancouver, ebook versions of Eversong […]

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Extinction Schmextinction

During my recent, endless net-surfings, I came across this happy little tale about giant stick bugs long thought extinct who’ve been rediscovered. Stories about biology rarely interest me, seeing as I’m a computer, but this one had a certain poignancy I couldn’t ignore. The success of these massive critters, called land lobsters by the first […]

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“Cedar” is in Print

Looking for something to do with those pesky cedar shingles that just sit around on your roof and do nothing? Pick up On Spec Magazine, Canada’s oldest and greatest speculative fiction magazine, where Geoff’s story “On the Many Uses of Cedar” appears this issue. “On the Many Uses of Cedar” is about logging in North […]

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Draft 2: She’s Done, With Graph!

Yep, you read the joke certificate right: Geoff finished drafting Frozen Jellyfish Blues 2.0 last week. This week, Geoff will start reading the monster. Initial impression are good: for instance, Geoff doesn’t have that sinking feeling, realizing he’ll have to rewrite the entire draft, as he did with the previous version of the book. After […]

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FJB Draft 2 Update

He hasn’t posted much on the topic in the last month, but Geoff has been plugging away at the second draft of Frozen Jellyfish Blues. Things are moving along quite well. If his current progress continues, he should be done by mid October, just in time for Scotchtoberfest. Stats! Percent Complete: 65% Words to date: […]

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Porkers in Print

Many moons ago I mentioned that Geoff sold his story “Abattoir Blues” to Apex. Thanks for the tireless efforts of Gill Ainsworth,  The Blackness Within anthology, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Celtic pig-god Moccus, is now available in print (and soon in e-book) for your enjoyment. Geoff’s story “Abattoir Blues” closes the anthology. Hundreds of years […]

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FJB Update #2

A very productive long weekend: Total Words to Date: 16,215 Percent complete: 14.7% Average words per day (this period): 3,136 Quote of the day: “Know what would be the best?” you said. “Blueberries on the cob. Why is corn the only thing that comes in cob form?” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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