Porkers in Print

Many moons ago I mentioned that Geoff sold his story “Abattoir Blues” to Apex. Thanks for the tireless efforts of Gill Ainsworth,  The Blackness Within anthology, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Celtic pig-god Moccus, is now available in print (and soon in e-book) for your enjoyment. Geoff’s story “Abattoir Blues” closes the anthology. Hundreds of years […]

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FJB Update #2

A very productive long weekend: Total Words to Date: 16,215 Percent complete: 14.7% Average words per day (this period): 3,136 Quote of the day: “Know what would be the best?” you said. “Blueberries on the cob. Why is corn the only thing that comes in cob form?” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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FJB Update #1

Total Words to Date: 3,670 Percent complete: 3.3% Average words per day: 1223.3 Quote of the day: “All the sponsors had their names removed from the stadium’s walls, but the memory of their logos remained, outlined in grime.” – Frozen Jellyfish Blues, Geoffrey W. Cole

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The Best Use for Cedar

For those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis (the twelve million or so ardent GWC fans), I’ve been hinting that Geoff found a home for his short story “On the Many Uses of Cedar”. Well, the contract has arrived and Geoff’s given me permission to make the announcement: On Spec, Canada’s […]

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Wiffling Cedar

News from the front! Well, the front lines of short fiction publication. Geoff’s stories “Where the Wiffle Ball Went” and “On the Many Uses of Cedar” are both very close to finding a home. More concrete details will soon follow. For the time being, all this sentient and snazzy AI from the future can tell you […]

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Tech-Phu Time

Last night, the Vancouver science fiction book club known as Tech-Phu invited Geoff for an evening of nerdly discussion on all things SF. Geoff had loads of fun. The Tech-Phu gang know their stuff. Most of them are Masters and PhD students in all sorts of cool forward-thinking fields (New Media, Gaming, Sustainable Development), and as […]

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