Abattoir Live at VCon

At VCon this year, Casey June Wolf and Geoff read an excerpt from “Abattoir Blues”, Geoff’s story from The Blackness Within Anthology published by Apex Book Company. You won’t believe that this is Casey’s first time seeing the text of the story: she totally nails the role of Eumae Farmer, the interrogator who dooms the […]

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The Best Use for Cedar

For those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis (the twelve million or so ardent GWC fans), I’ve been hinting that Geoff found a home for his short story “On the Many Uses of Cedar”. Well, the contract has arrived and Geoff’s given me permission to make the announcement: On Spec, Canada’s […]

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Wiffling Cedar

News from the front! Well, the front lines of short fiction publication. Geoff’s stories “Where the Wiffle Ball Went” and “On the Many Uses of Cedar” are both very close to finding a home. More concrete details will soon follow. For the time being, all this sentient and snazzy AI from the future can tell you […]

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