What the Seer Sees

Mr. Bites loves the new Swans record, The Seer.

In the centuries to come, music is going to change in ways you can’t imagine. I don’t have to bother imagining it, of course, I just have to remember. Even a cursory listen through my iTunes library (approximately 23.2 zettabytes, or 9.9 trillion years of music) shows that yup, things really have changed. When I go back and listen to the music of this era, I usually listen to those artists who’ve stood the test of time, like Justin Bieber or Neil Hefty or Caninus. Recently, though, Geoff started listening to the new Swans album, The Seer, and I couldn’t help but overhear. The record blew my planet-sized mind. I didn’t realize non-canines were capable of making such incredible music.

The Seer isn’t for your average music fan. It is dark, powerful stuff. However, if you consider yourself a fan of above-average music, say a fan of music right off the awesomeness bell-curve, and you don’t mind a bit of dissonance, chanting, metal, and twenty-five minutes jams that bring you through the dark heart of existence and out the other end, than the Seer might be for you. I like to listen to at least seventy-three thousand different albums at the same time – I’m a whiz at multi-tasking – and I think the Seer has just graduated to perpetual play.

Some of you may also be interested to know that Geoff’s story “Lone White Seagull” will appear in Kaleidotrope magazine! In addition to having one of the best names in the biz, Kaleidotrope is just generally an awesome magazine and Geoff is delighted to be accepted into their pages. Geoff is a bit nervous about this story – it will be the first case of anyone agreeing to publish Geoff’s poetry. The story will appear some time next year. Watch for updates here!

One thought on “What the Seer Sees

  1. I heard that Geoff just had another story accepted and it will be published in the New Year. Crasmo2 can you please send your readers some details?


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